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Ninjas Plantar Fasciitis Relief Arch Support Shoe Insoles - Podiatrist Designed, Orthotic Lab Made in the USA

Ninjas Plantar Fasciitis Relief Arch Support Shoe Insoles - Podiatrist Designed, Orthotic Lab Made in the USA

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Product Description

1 Plantar fasciitis relief 2 Shin splint relief 3 Mortons neuroma relief 4 Flat feet relief 5 Foot and knee pain relief

Poor Arch Support = Foot Pain

Lift Your Shoe's Insole

Place Ninjas Underneath

Kick Foot Pain to the Curb!

Join us, fellow foot warriors!

I'm Dr. Tom Lembo, board-certified podiatrist* and founder of Samurai Insoles.

Let me introduce you to our best-selling creation: Samurai Insoles Ninjas! In this video, I'll guide you on how to unleash the true potential of your new Ninjas Arch Support Inserts. Click play and let's get started!

*Dr. Lembo is a board certified Diplomate of The American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry since 2009. He earned his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from the Dr. WM Scholl's College of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago, IL

Versatility for Every Adventure




Dress and Golf

Just Say "NO" to Cheap Foam Insoles

Introducing our best-selling foot support technology: Samurai Insoles Ninjas. By mastering the perfect blend of firmness and flexibility, Ninjas offer rapid relief from plantar fasciitis and other prevalent foot issues. Inspired by the stealthy and agile warriors of ancient Japan, these cutting-edge, ultra-slim arch support orthotic inserts seamlessly adapt to almost any shoe, empowering your feet to conquer daily challenges with the same power and nimbleness that epitomized the Ninja spirit.

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How do I use them?
Inserted under shoe's insoles Inserted under shoe's insoles Replaces your shoe's insoles Replaces your shoe's insoles
Insole Length
3/4 length arch support insert 3/4 length arch support insert Full length insole Full length insole
Cushion Level
Uses your shoe's cushioning Uses your shoe's cushioning Standard thickness cushion Extra cushioning
Made in the USA
Reinforced for maximum support
Order based on your shoe size
Relieves Plantar Fasciitis
Relieves Neuroma Symptoms
Relieves Bunion Discomfort
Relieves Flat Feet Discomfort
Relieves Shin Splints
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Can I track my order?

yes you can. Every order is provided a tracking number that you can use on our website

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