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Snooze Clips™

Snooze Clips™

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The Snooze Clip is a snore-stopping nose clip that opens up nasal passages for improved breathing, especially beneficial for those with blocked airways. Breathe better, sleep soundly.

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Snooze Hub

Welcome to Snooze Hub, your one-stop destination for effortless nasal relief. Say goodbye to congestion with our innovative Nasal Relief Clips designed to provide instant comfort and easy breathing. Experience relief on-the-go with Snooze Hub, because everyone deserves to breathe easy.

Partner making you loose sleep?

The Snooze Clips will effectively reducing or eliminating snoring, the nose clip ensures a quieter and more restful sleep for both the user and their partner.

Tired of the (CPAP) therapy?

(CPAP) therapy is a common treatment for the sleep apnea. However, some individuals find CPAP masks uncomfortable or have difficulty adjusting to them. Using a nose clip alongside CPAP therapy may improve comfort and compliance by reducing mouth breathing and associated dry mouth or throat discomfort.


Are Snooze Clip's suitable for all ages?

Snooze Clips are generally safe for adults and older children. However, they may not be suitable for infants or very young children. Always supervise children when using Snooze Clips, ensure they are used safely and appropriately.

How long can I wear the Snooze Clips?

Snooze Clips can typically be worn for extended periods of time, but it's recommended to start with shorter durations and gradually increase as needed. It's also advisable to remove them before sleeping.

Can The Snooze Clip be reused?

Yes, Snooze Clips are designed to be reusable. Simply clean them with mild soap and water after each use, and they can be used multiple times.


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